Potential New Defensive Coordinators

(PMM) #121

Yes… I was told that JC played on special teams in the pros. Of course, that doesn’t make him a coach.

Our KO return teams are terrible. Maybe CMA feels that we are giving the other teams a chance if we start at the 25 yard line every time :sunglasses:


Part of the reason our STs has suffered is because the amount of overall youth on this team. We’re not deep at any position. We should be better next year. CMA’s 1st class will be Juniors. This is good.


I heard this as well.

(Cary) #124

Last game was the best Special Teams performance of the year. I am a fan of fair catching kickoffs. Get the guaranteed 25 yards. Bryson Smith has occasionally made some poor decisions on when to fair catch on punts. He is getting better though.

TCU historically has been known to do this. They convert highly athletic offensive talent to defense pretty regularly.

(WRB) #125

His high-hanging punts have helped Houston rank 20th nationally in net punting with an average of 40.59 yards, only three yards off the nation’s best net punting average of 43.74 yards by Cincinnati.

While the perspective might be that our punt game is less than spectacular, Dane Roy and the punt team have been effective. They are currently ranked 20th nationally in net punting. I also believe that he is 1st or 2nd in tha AAC with punts inside the 15 yard line. Also a Ray Guy award finalist.

I’ll take a starting position at the 25 all day. I watch a lot of college football and it seems like kickoff returns (included the obligatory penalties) are most often short of the 25. No science. Just my perception.

(PMM) #126

You are not converting me !!

KO returns are part of the game as are covering KO’s.

We are not good at either !

(Cary) #127

Considering we almost never return it, we are neither good or bad.

(PMM) #128

Not working.

(Cary) #129

Well… I don’t think anyone is trying to “convince” you. We’re saying you’re wrong.

(WRB) #130

Too funny​:joy::joy::joy:

(PMM) #131

You are too funny…and wrong !!

(srassen7) #132

I remember when they turned Jerry Hughes from an RB at one of the Sugar Land high schools into an elite college DE (and massive NFL flop). I thought it was sorcery.

(VancouverCOOG) #133

CMA needs to watch some of the tapes of our ST play when Levine was the ST coordinator in order for him to be convinced of the need to have a fully dedicated coach to that part of the game.

Without great ST play, we would not have been able to engineer that awesome comeback against Tulsa.

(Randy ) #134

Levine always coached a position too. The problem isn’t that we don’t have an STC (this year anyway, last year we did it by committee). It’s that we don’t have a good one. I don’t think specjal teams are a priority for Applewhite.

(Sam) #135

They weren’t for Yeoman. But we had such athleticism that we did well, certainly our coverage teams. Special teams have been mediocre at best this season. And I don’t get taking a knee every kick return. Smith had 20 yards of open field in front of him a couple of times


He ran one or two this game. That was progress. I guess they heard me yelling ,“run it!”.


Bryson seemed to get much more confident this week. Other than being a bit timid on that last kick off return, I liked what I saw.

(Bill Goodman) #138

He better be gone because Major needs a scape goat.


I taking bets to say he runs a few back next season. People need to realize that is a young team across the board. Special teams is composed of very few upperclassmen, and you know that means poor technique and an inability to field kicks. CMA’s first class will be Juniors next year. That’s big difference. We’ll be light years better on ST’s.

(Bill Goodman) #140

Wait someone out of work a year like our current Defensive Coordinator who was fired at Miami and no one wanted but us.