So we keep Htown takeover?

(Munzell Milluns) #61

Adding Colombia blue to the uniforms wouldn’t get you a single additional fan. Although if you combined it with orange and yellow rainbow socks and a picture of Moses Malone on the helmet your idea could work.

(YaW00CougarFootball) #62

If they change unis, I say go with the throwbacks we wore at Homecoming

(JohnnyCougar) #63

Can we get rid of womp womp? Referring to yourselves as incestual perverts is just plain weird.


That’s the student version.

(Nick K) #65

that’s not the actual words…it’s talking bout the cougars…and I think it’s the best thing to come along…it’s this generations eat em up coogs.
students love it and it really energizes the scene . I don’t think they play it enough.

(JohnnyCougar) #66

It’s not just the student section. There was an Army family sitting next to me at the Bowl game and were so dismayed, they moved.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #67

For the bowl game, I think the student version was an accurate assessment of the team’s performance.


Ive long been an advocate of giving the Oilers history back to Houston. Nashville doesnt give a flying fig about Luv Ya Blue. Personally, I be fine with going back to the Oilers name since its not being used, but I’d be fine with leaving the name “Texans” in place and just change the logo back to the oil derrick. It works fine with the “Texans” name. If integrating Columbia Blue into the uniform is the best we can do—I’ll take it.


I mean…it doesn’t have to be your own mother. Can be…but not a deal breaker.


Thats silly. We should be emphasize using the correct words—but its one of the few unique traditions UH football has that has huge participation from the students and fans. Its is to Houston what that indian tomahawk chant is to Florida State.


It’s two years old and it’s already a tradition? Crap!

If we are trying to create new traditions, then it only means we have no traditions.


Not sure if being sarcastic or truly don’t know that womp womp has been around for way longer than two years…


Best Idea yet, for the pro team…Keep Name, Bring Back Oil Derrick along with colors. Keep Bob McNair name and infuse with Houston’s original pro team…let’s do it. The Texans nickname would then be “Oilers”…


Right. Florida State is who we want to be like!? Not!?!
I’m with Johnny Cougar. We need to clean it up. I don’t want my kids or grandkids singing that version.

(Patrick) #75

Might be an idea to put the words on the big screen when the band starts playing the song for awhile.

I believe there are some fans who actually think that the dirty version is the only version of the song.

(Brad) #76

The student sections do this all the time. The Longhorns students change the fight song from Go Horns Go to Make ‘Em eat Sh@t. We are not on an island.


But we are better than that.


We can’t use Htown takeover unless we are actually doing it. I would say retire it for now and resurrect it later if we actually start doing it. We should let go of the Tom Herman era.

“For the City” might work since Holgorsen seems to love Houston…

As far as Womp Womp I gave up that fight long ago. It’s embarrassing but some “fans” chant the profane version even with young children around… no shame whatsoever…


I’m ready to move on from htown takeover

(UHcougar2000) #80

I say keep #HtownTakeover as a secondary thing… but I kind of like “House of Hustle” or “Home of Hustle.” Also I think simply “The H” is cool…