We win tomorrow and there is a big separation after the top 3 and I still feel Purdue has some losses coming.

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I believe we’re still a 1 seed in Lunardis latest projections


After Kansas loss last night, Tennessee is a 1 seed

UCLA, Arizona and Kansas St also considered

Saint Marys is looking good. Some have them as either a 5 or 6 seed currently.

Kind of want to avoid UNC in the second round because they have the talent to go on a run but I guess you can’t ask for much more

I don’t like the UNC or Creighton matchup. along with a sweet 16 against TCU

if we get past that, i like our chances against the bottom part of the bracket.

Tennessee as the 4th 1 seed

UCLA, Kansas, Arizona and Texas on the 2 seed line.

UCLA big game tonight at USC

Purdue plays at Michigan.

Arizona plays at Washington State.

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True. Purdue like us, has built up enough solid wins. Where if they lose tonight, i wouldn’t expect them to fall from 1 seed line.

Arizona rematch at Wash St, a team they previously lost to at home

Purdue would have to lose 3 or 4 in a row like Kansas did to be at risk of falling out of the 1 line imo.


If anyone is interested in looking at other bracketologists:

Thank you Ryan

I am here to serve others.

Edit : Except Kyle. I’m never here to serve Kyle. :rofl:

Big game between Texas and Tennessee tomorrow. With UCLA’s loss and Kansas possibly going on a losing streak, Texas and Tennessee could switch places soon.

Again as stated before, I think UT will win for sure. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I am rooting for Kansas and Tennessee… :grinning:

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So going off Lunardi, 7 Big 12 teams are projected with 2 more in the next 8 out. Tell me again how its easier to make the tourney in the American? lol

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I would look at the listing I provided above. Lunardi isn’t the best when comparing to other bracketologists. Look at what others who have a better track record show in comparison to Joe.

I will say that at the moment there seems to be some agreement regarding UH going to Vegas.

100% agree with you on Lunardi, though as it pertains to the comment I made bracket matrix basically says the same thing. 7 Big 12 teams in the field and then both of the Oklahoma schools fall into the just outside category.

@den2010 i was a big bracket matrix guy last year. And it is still solid.

But Lunardi was pretty accurate last year. Had Tennessee as a 3 seed. When everyone else projected them as a 2 seed.

One point i need to remember this year. The Championship games played on Selection Sunday really didn’t impact seeding at all last yr.

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