Yesterday’s announced crowd of 30,317 was the largest at TDECU under Dana. Here’s what our future conference mates drew yesterday.

58,138 at Iowa State. 3,000 under capacity

55,509 at OKie State. Sellout.

50,887 at K State. Technical sellout but a few thousand under record crowd.

50,703 West Virginia. 10,000 unsold. Same as us but in a much larger venue.

45,597 at Baylor. A few 100 over capacity for Texas State.

It looked like Kansas had a decent crowd. Blue was sprinkled throughout premium seating areas and then clustered in the end zone. Never saw if there was anyone in upper deck where visitor’s section is. TV made a point of emphasis to not show home side 300 so I’m assuming it looked bad like it always does.

The rain was bad enough that you could see the drops on tv. That made attendance look a lot worse at kickoff. Looked like Dana the first kind of attendance.


Those team’s fans show up to support their team regardless of who the opponent or head coach is.


Those schools have been P5 since the beginning and located in places where the only things to do are go to the local college game and take drugs.


We aren’t P5 yet. What did Cincinnati draw at the Bengals stadium? Looked empty to me.

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Not sure if you meant to say “and” or “or”…but I think there might be a solution somewhere in there to our fan experience.

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I think they do both.


Troy Aikman Calls UCLA’s Attendance an ’Embarrassment’ - Sports Illustrated


Little things could go a long way to get the extra 10k people.


We were P5 in SWC days literally speaking, we had attendance issues back then, why do people on here think that getting in the Big 12 is going to solve that, I guess if 40% of opposing fans are there like in the old days then yes our attendance will be better, oh yeah the Astrodome was the problem lol, we are on campus and still have issues, but the Texans the crappy Texans fill that place right next to the Astrodome up, I keep going to UH games but just winning can’t be the solution, the Alumni and city need to support us, but unfortunately most of our Alumni could care less, what a shame


Maybe people after Covid changed their feelings towards football, we went a long time without it and maybe people didn’t miss it that much? Who knows, things just don’t seem the same anymore

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I’d bet that’s a factor. Add in everything is on TV and it getting more and more expensive to attend a game in person …

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I’d also add the money is out of control. I find myself tuning in more to my D3 school for joy without expectations.


$9.50 for a domestic beer is outrageous.


One reason attendance looked bad at kickoff was because people can’t get in. The modern miracle of tickets on phones and electronic readers is a big fail in terms of getting people in so far. It’s glacial compared to the days of tearing a paper ticket in two. 10 extra seconds (or more) times 30,000 is a lot of time. How do the Aggies and The Evil Empire get those 90,000 folks in when we can’t manage 1/3 of that?
As long as I’m on my soapbox…I miss comfortable upholstered seats in air-conditioned comfort not getting rained on or delayed by lightning or suffering heat exhaustion in Houston September. Flame away.


I disagree. Not all those seats are filled by locals. Not even half. Fans travel to their respective college towns for games because they have fond memories of having fun on campus, to include football games.

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It takes a focused strategy. It’s not 100,000, it’s 10,000. Develop programs to fill those 10K seats with managed effort. It’s how things work in a big city. Sometimes you manufacture them. 8 million in SE Texas but the myopic athletic department can’t pull that off.

Pede did it at Rice numerous times. Hey Pez, swallow your pride, walk down the hall and ask Mike how to put 10K more in the stands. Geez.


It would take magic to get 10K more attendance to view a bad product.

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I just by myself through the season tickets I sold for the program brought 600-800 people per game, and that was during the Helton/Dimel years. So your resignation is just that. You either want to or you don’t.

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Look at our history in the last 20 years after a great year we follow it up with mediocre to bad. Until we are able to consistently win 10+ games and sustain that we’ll continue to have an apathetic fan base, that’s unfortunately the reality in a big pro sports city. Granted in the middle of most of that our demise was due to coaches leaving but that’s not an excuse this year. Winning a lot of games consistently and building a reputation for it solves not all but a lot of the attendance issues.


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