Biggest Needs for Next Year?

Nickens can be an idiot but I dont think he left early. He was definitely one of TW’s favorites beause he played with his son on the Banditos. I could be wrong, though.

Obviously, the kid from Maine did leave early.

I’m going off what @HolmesUkraine said earlier.

And what you just said is a huge problem……that 100% makes sense regarding playing time……so he clearly favored that kid……a D-1 coach playing a kid that clearly was not getting it done , but he played with his kid so he got to be on the field in front of other guys….thats pure garbage.

Little League mentality from a D-1 coach….awesome.

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I was told he was booted. The last game he appeared in was May 12, Sunday @Kansas. So he missed the last four games.

Ace Reese went in the portal today.

I was just about the add that as well. That has got to be a big blow to TW. They rolled out the red carpet for Ace. Will be interesting to hear what the real story is.

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I completely agree with you. And every kid on the roster knew that was the case!

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Ace Reece in the portal hurts. He is a PLAYER


Be fair. He had “gotten it done” in 2023: .310/.368/.467. It was reasonable to think he would start hitting at some point. How soon do you think he should have pulled the plug?

And this is the freshman that got the most PT….wow, did not expect this one.

Not near as much rope as he got……after the first few weeks other guys should have been given chances….if no one grabbed the spot and he kept getting starts then cool….but he should not have been locked in the position as long as he was based on last season in the American.

Aaron Lugo

Best bat for Texas State in 2024.

Texas State 3B Aaron Lugo has transferred to Houston.

Appeared on multiple Weekly All-JUCO>D1 Transfer Teams. Big get for Houston.

— Pro Baseball Radar (@BaseballRadar) June 14, 2024

Saw him play this year….little guy with a lot of pop.
Probably play up the middle next year….
I wonder if he was promised SS….

But yes, he is a get dirty baseball player.

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It looks like some high quality bats are coming in……we need to see the equivalent with the arms. :crossed_fingers:

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Evan Haeger

Incoming Alabama transfer

Next Chapter @matt_reida @CougarKiv23

— Evan Haeger (@EvanHaeger) June 13, 2024

Wow. Ace Reese was a name I hoped I’d never see in the portal. Crushing


Has to be a story behind it….

When a freshman earns a starting spot on ANY D-1 squad they should be happy and hunker down….

Not sure what happened.

True frosh redshirt in 24.
Going by his Mich HS and travel highlights = he can play.

  • The country’s No. 28 outfield recruit and No. 161 player overall by PG
  • The No. 74 high school prospect for the 2023 MLB Draft according to Baseball America

Has the requisite frame & athleticism for his position.
UH has 2 many lesser athletes & size outliers relative 2 their position lately.
Few have worked out.

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He did not play last year……However, he is ranked in the top 175 players in the NATION( #28 outfielder)coming out of high school.

I’m guessing the kid can hit……maybe steps into Ace’s spot.

As the 74th ranked high school prospect not sure why he was not drafted unless his family put the word out he was going to college so don’t waste a pick.

This is kind of similar situation to what we have with Bennett……very highly rated.

Expected to play and contribute and barely played( Bennett) and did not play at all( Haeger)


Was just watching video……sweet lefty swing.

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The story on the street was they promised Ace $30K in NIL and were only able to get him $20K. I am surprised they were even able to get him $20K, though.

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