Brandon Jones

I’m not saying our OL was ever great, but it did get better than when it started throughout the 2022 season.

Other parts of the team didn’t so I’m a little surprised that this is the only change made on the team. Looking squarely at the clipboard.


Just as important to find a good recruiter as a good x’s and o’s OL coach… I am sure we can find the right guy.

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Belk is the one that mainly coaches the secondary. But bottom line is you can’t lose your 2 best comers from previous season than another starter this year with hogan and expect to have a great secondary that’s unrealistic


If belk coaches the secondary who does Rowe coach?

I’m big on keeping Belk here, now we’ll see what he can do with topline talent


Can we bring Spav back in some capacity?

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What about the Kubiak kids…

He coaches secondary too. We moved Belk up to DC so you have to technically give him a replacement. But Belk does A LOT of work with the secondary players because that’s where he used to be assigned. Firing Rowe after 1 year prob wouldn’t change much. Belk will still have most of the influence

Who’s asking for great. We’re just asking to hold the 4-4 teams under 11 TDs in a game.


Agree, on the ones that played. That’s why those that didn’t left.

He wasn’t

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I take anything the vaunted one says with a grain of salt but he knows about Carrier.

Hmmmm…maybe all is not what it seems.

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Pass blocking wasn’t the problem. If we had AM, run blocking wouldn’t have been a problem either. IMHO

Wouldn’t it be better to be good at the START of the season?

Is that a good thing? Maybe not.

Was a great thing in 2021 so we will see

This is cool

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