Dana says its impossible to pay his buyout

Yes I would.

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If he beats UT, then I’m willing to wait out his contract.

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UHCoog, in a very respectful way, I would like to tell the following: The administration is not going to call you and ask for your input inn regard to coaches’ changes if UH does not beats UT. Now, I don’t know you and I can be wrong, and the administration could call you if you are one those donors that gives millions (LIke Fertita) of dollars to the university, So the reality is that if you don’t give millions of dollars no one will care if you are willing to wait out his contract.

Don’t have a dog in the fight, but this is a message board, and a fairly tame one at that. People come here to vent, and I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish by admonishing people for expressing their opinions.


It used to be that UH did care. I remember getting calls from student athletes either soliciting me to buy season tickets, or thanking me for buying them.

That hasn’t happened in a while. Add to that the fact that the administration is not a good steward of the money I do provide and my interest wanes drastically.

That being said, I think you misinterpreted his remark. He said he will stick around if uh bests UT.

This is simplistic. Our university has trouble getting people to attend games. When it starts hemorrhaging season ticket holders things change.


I apologize if I misinterpreted his remarks, and I will respect his decision to stop supporting our university. I will stick around no matter if we beat UT or not because I love my university. This University gave me the opportunity to have a better life when it accepted me into one of their programs. The University changed my life, and I will never forget that. I will never try to silence your opinions, but it is very sad to read all of the negativity that some people write in this forum. Go Coogs.


If you want to roll in here with this nonsense every now and then fine….but you are going to get it back.
Nobody had said anything for months until a reporter asked him a legitimate question and his a$$ hairs got bent out of shape.

Maybe read why you see people aggravated rather than tell us all how bad we are and to blindly follow a guy that has not only underperformed for multiple years but has not an ounce of couth to him.

And just stop with the “applying for the job” thing….it’s just stupid and you don’t even realize why.


I don’t think you understand the concept of a message board.

And I don’t know if any million dollar donors frequent this board or not.
But I have given money for a long time to multiple programs……And there are MANY on this board that give way more than I do….so for you to say that our opinions mean nothing and we should just shut up and take it is preposterous.

If everyone believed they way you did the United States of America would not exist….

I’m also not a fan of communism….I don’t live in Cuba….if that seems extreme to you I don’t really care….see you are allowed to have an opinion whether I like it or not….see how that works?


I was here for UH during those years. Yes, i sat in The Rob during all those years including 0-11. By the by, Dana is a better coach than all those coaches.


I don’t mind a coach speaking their mind, but acting untouchable and dropping f-bombs in an interview to punctuate your point doesn’t really reflect well on Renu who’s been nothing but refined, tactful, and elegant during her tenure.

When I think of Dana attending a formal event hosted by the Prez to help raise money for Athletics, I picture squidbillies showing up at Martha’s Vineyard for the weekend.


$10 bucks? Big spender. Clearly you want him gone in the worst way, lol

You literally just tried to silence our opinions by telling us to shut up and like it……

News flash, most of us here can say the exact same things….most are grads and most here give to the school in one way or another……sooooo???

Lord help us all if you start this on the baseball board….lol

I respect your opinion.

But Dana is acting like his job is secure and nothing can happen to him like a spoiled child.

We can trash him for that. And for his other nonsense.


Well Samantha Balderas, as a fan, on a Coog message board, it’s one of those comments that you just take with a grain of salt. It’s not that serious. It’s just me letting out an opinion like everyone else on here.


I remember sitting in Robertson and moving all over the damn stadium……I was trying to figure out which view I liked best……90% of the stadium was open.

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I honestly wasn’t even saying that “I will stop supporting the program”. I was just expressing that I REALLY want him to beat Texas.

He must tip the hell out of you for the lawn work.

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Perhaps he should discuss the comment with coach Patterson.

The flip side to this discussion - maybe he wants to be called on it and get fired. Take the buyout and not have to deal with the way players have gotten so much more entitled after NIL. (or maybe people paying the players wanting input on playing time if that happens)

Bless your heart!