Dana says its impossible to pay his buyout

Will it be his record or his quotes that get him fired? Do his quotes mean he has to have a better record?

How many schools have fans that root for the team but loathe their own coach?

That’s where the University of Houston football program is in 2023.

Khator & Fertitta- is that what you want? Can that dynamic work?

Nobody forced you to sign a bad extension for CDH.

Nobody was coming after him!

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I think his mouth is writing checks that he won’t be able to cash.

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Should have hired Deion.


I like it. I like it when players bet on themselves. So I like this, Dana is betting on himself. Put himself back at OC. Says stuff that means he better have a good record next year. I’m definitely interested. He definitely knows how to stay on our minds. Love or hate him the football board has seen a lot of action when we should all be talking basketball

So many Coogfans just sound jealous and bitter

You are so unbelievably clueless.

If Dana doesn’t endorse that piece. Nobody is talking about him right now.

That you fail to realize that, and are blaming it on the Coogfans is beyond rational.

Enjoy yourself.

I’m out.

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Coogfans need Dana to know his place. I say have at it. But don’t tell me yall are being rational, lol. In the end its just, he doesn’t say things the way he supposed to and he makes a lot of money. That comes off are jealous bitterness.
I suggest all Coogfans get hired by a drinking buddy as a cure.

CDH goes 2-10 or 3-9 next year and he might find himself a bit surprised about UH and Tillman finding some $ to can him. Just saying…

Shhh don’t tell recruits

I think 4 or 5 is the most likely outcome which means he likely sees another year after that with a “bowl game” ultimatum. Who is ready to see 4-8, followed by 6-6, then CDH getting a 3rd Big 12 year? Could happen…

Hopefully, people will stop spending money on football. If that actually happens.

Look at this from a contrarian perspective. If you wanted someone to just write you a fat check so you had no pressure for the rest of your life?

I’d taunt them into firing me. Which it looks like he’s doing.


The majority of people who care about that are posting in these stupid threads. I don’t think that worries him one way or another. :laughing:

NO WAY he will survive a 2-10 or 3-9 record in '23. 6-6 will get him into '24 though IMO.

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That is literally what I am predicting to happen. That 3rd year in the BigXII is a contract renewal year. Expect 9-11 wins and him actually putting in an effort. However, we will fall short of a conference championship, because he can’t win big games. Then if we give him an extension, he will come back in year 4 of the BigXII with huge expectations, and we will fall flat on our face.


That record is the absolute best he can do, IMO. The floor next year is 2 wins. I think there is a high probability of 4-5 wins, though. I don’t think he is fired unless we only win one or none next year.

No one gets to the end of their contract. You’re extended or fired, or sometimes you get lucky and someone poaches the guys you’re about to fire.

Which is why I said 2025 is his window for a renewal. His contract goes through 2027 currently.

My mistake, you’re right

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