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Yes. I’ve made it clear that the only reason I attend football games is to spend time with my friends and family members. Our block of 20+ attendees is now down to less than ten so there will be a point where I will have no reason to attend.

Loyalty? If the university wastes its resources and doesn’t provide an entertaining product, what reason do I have to be loyal?

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No, you can do whatever you want as you had no loyalty to begin with.


My eyes are proof. Attendance figures are proof. If our attendance is as low as it was in 2009 then that’s proof.

Blame the economy if you like. It doesn’t much matter since there’s no way out of CDH’s contract and attendance will continue to decline.

I can’t wait to see how the economy decimates Colorado’s attendance this coming year.


What did I miss? I don’t see any links in here?

Nvm I see now…Good Lord

Don’t be ruffled. If you don’t like certain opinions people discuss just scroll down to the threads you want to read. It’s an easy thumb / mouse swipe. Commenting just brings them to the top.

there you go again, apples to oranges. You do realize U of Colorado is in Boulder right? For entertainment people can spend money on pot or Buff football. They ride bicycles everywhere. Gas and tolls alone in Houston are hundreds per month, not so in the land of electric cars. But yes, it will be interesting to see if he sells season tickets

hardly proof. I dont trust your eyes to differentiate as to why people buy things.

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…because the economy was fantastic in 2010 and 2011, so people just had money to blow. Totally, yeah. That’s what’s been keeping our attendance low. Keeping the students from showing up, too, dang economy! And really it’s the economy’s fault that both of our two worst seasons since 2005 belong to Dana. Nothing is ever his fault. It’s not like he can coach this $#!%.


Like I said, what else do they have to spend their money on? Somebody brings in a new candy store and people are going to come. Living in Boulder is a lot different than living in Houston.

Boulder is like 30 minutes from Denver, my dude. Some of the best QoL in the country. Fantastic place to live. Hardly the middle of nowhere.


LOL, I enjoy your pain

Between boycotting Baby Briles and now CDH there are thousands of die hard fans who haven’t been to a game in over half a decade.

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My wife has been going to UH games since 1975. She said last season she wanted to stop going because the games were “boring”. She likes Dana, calls him “Hollywood”. She met him as a member of Sumlin’s staff when he walked up to us at Cougar Cookers to introduce himself and she said “Hello Hollywood” before he could speak.

So, she’s one that has stopped going. Not because of who the coach is. Her last game was Tulane.

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Nowhere in this article does the author mention CDH as the reason. Perhaps he should have interviewed a few people on here so he could say, there are also a few disgruntled Coogfan posters that dislike CDH so much they stopped going to games.

Neither does this article

Weird. Tulane turned out to be pretty good this season.

Since Feb 1st

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Mine always says she feels so bad for the kids playing in front of so few people. I respond, “yes honey, you tell me every game”.

I tell her half the die hard fans wouldn’t show up because the head coach farted on a Priest in 3rd grade.

It’s not the opinions, they don’t bother me, it just doesn’t need a dozen threads or more with the same title. How do you know which one has what and whether you have been in it or not?

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Big 12 is box office. Get a new coach next year and see what happens.

you would think based on the belief that CDH causes a decline in season tickets that we wouldn’t see any increase so how did that even happen.

New coach beside the point, if our current coaching staff and players win in the Big 12 we will probably see an increase anyway. As long as we are speculating, it will probably be more than hiring a new coach.