Doug Belk on Saban’s short list

You are correct. SMU had a winning record.

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I think that if we had Parish all season, we win 1-2 more games. That Tulsa game was a dagger to me…

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Read the article!!!

Saban has NEVER said Belk was on any kind of shortlist!!!

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Don’t it always seem to go
-That you don’t know what you got 'til it’s gone?

Asking for a friend.

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Here is another one Johnny. “How can you miss me if I never go away?”

Some questions just don’t have an answer. :sunglasses:

In 2000 Florida won the SEC. 2022 smu was no 2000 Florida (and 41 is no 77) so I don’t think initial compare quite holds up.

Edit: also, 4th year is no 1st year

Or… “How can I get you off my mind, when I can’t get you off my face”.

Wow, I have a completely different take on last season. For me, it was the defense that lost games, not the offense. Clayton and Co. scored plenty of points to win in the games that we lost, save Kansas.


I’m referring to Tulane and Tech. All the offense had to do was score 22 points v Tulane and 21 points v Tech at the end of 4. Couldn’t do it.

The famous 4th and 20!

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And, all the defense had to do was stop that shuffle pass against Tulane on 4th down to prevent OT. And, do we really have to discuss the famous 4th and 20 against TT?

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Just from reading this thread one can tell that Doug Belk is quite a bit smarter and more knowledgeable than a good number of Coogfan posters.


I think you are missing the point. We should have never been in those situations anyway if the offense could score, the defense had kept them in both games to whole time and yet you blame the defense for losing because of one drive ? That doesn’t make sense to me. Offense should be able to score more than 21 and 20 on Tulane and Tech. That’s really bad. Not to mention UTSA only scored 24 points at the end of 4 that game shouldn’t have went into OT. Bottom line is if we were calling plays like we did from Memphis on. None of those games are going into OT.

Losses at the end of the year = defense
Losses at the beginning of the year = offense


Yes, like this guy:


I also can’t throw a football better than Matt Shaub.

I think Belk is good but he needs a boss that pushes him to overachieve (long hours).


A year ago…

Didn’t Belk recruit the guys that gave up 77? juz wanna know…

It’s more like those 70 yard drives in 2 minutes that get folks upset and it happened more than once.