Houston Astros 2023 Season on a daily roll

Whitley leaves Sugarland game with shoulder pain


Funk, did you just go “ Back to the Future?”

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Oakland looked OK in Htown.
Seeing the horrible A’s so far.

Julks having a day already.
2 hits/ 3 RBIs/ SB.
Hitting .274

Wouldn’t it be nice…

If Julks could play 1st base.

In THREE AB’s Abreu has left SEVEN men on base.

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Let’s see, we have a resident genius alluding to the Astros winning when Julks is on the bench oblivious to the fact that the Astros won just about every game at the start of the season when he did play. 8 I think it was. Jeez, where do some people get their low baseball IQ.

For all those not so thrilled with the tv commentators. I don’t watch the games. I listen to Robert Ford and Steve Sparks on 790. They are excellent and Sparks is a pretty funny cat. If you’ve heard him in the clubhouse during postseason celebrations or the phone book story you know what I mean. He and Ford have good banter.

Astro fans want to win. How they win is not so important.

Against Oakland, the Astros hit no less than 3 Texas Leaguers. Two by Bregman, and one by Tucker.

Whatever it takes to win.

In the meantime, Hunter Brown reminds us that he might just be Justin Verlander Lite.

Anything, but Bud Light.

Just saying.


“ Anything but Budlight”

If you want to say sh-t like that go to the politics board….also, just don’t buy it and it doesn’t affect you ….pretty simple.

I guess it’s different strokes for different folks.
I’m stuck listening to Ford and Sparks. They often sound like they’re bigger fans of the Astros’ opponent. I don’t want to hear excitement in their voices when the other team gets a big hit. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard Ford say of the opponent’s batter something like; …“needs to get on base to bring the tying run to the plate.” but when the Astros are in the same situation it’s “The Astros are down to their final out.”
I want to keep up with the Astros, but I’m tired of feeling like I’m listening to the other teams broadcast.


Bagwell would be ok but he mumbles and his voice is so low and monotone that he is not a good colorman. Blummer is a great color man. Deirker was a great colorman. Ashby was good radio colorman.

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I heard Blum a few years ago when he sat in for Ford. He made Sparks better.
I remember Loel Passe and his “now you chuckin’ em in there Larry!” (Dierker). I just prefer Astros broadcasters who sound like they’re also Astros fans.


Even though they are both color guys Sparks and Blum would be awesome.


Sparks does a couple of play by play innings every game. I’d be for a full time Sparks/Blum team. I’d settle for the format they once had when a radio & TV guy would switch places in the middle innings.

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He says that every game for eithrr team when they are in that position.

You might be overly biased “hardcore” expecting an overdose of homerism.

They are explicitly biased to the Astros however. Just as in the first statement I made in this post, I think you’re misguided.

In the 9th, when the Astros are up by a run, Ford more often than not will say of the opponent’s batter something like; …“needs to get on base to bring the tying run to the plate.”
When they are down by a run, Ford more often than not will say, “The Astros are down to their final out.”
I’ve heard it so many times, it’s etched in my mind.

Yes, that is true. Otherwise I’d go to the trouble of listening to the other teams broadcast. I expect to hear the Astros broadcasters always sound like they want the Astros to win.

Right back at you.

Agreed. Bud Light is a Sh_t beer, but so is Coors Light and Miller Lite.


Telling the listener what the situation is is not the same thing as being a bigger fan than the opposition. They are HUGE homers for the Astros. To think otherwise is delusional. You are just looking for something to complain about.

That being said, I would love to hear Blum paired with Sparks on either TV or radio. It would be the most hilarious broadcast in baseball history.

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Do I not get accolades for calling Whitley’s exit in real time? I walked all the way out of the Methodist surgery waiting room to deliver that clairvoyance to you people.

You just don’t appreciate an entity that is plugged into the nucleus of the baseball. I just put my masculine fingers on my Cesar Cedeño Icee cup and feel the vibrations. “You people” can’t do that!!!

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You have to have a straight man. That’s what accentuates the comedy.

He says, “the Astros/opposing team are down to their final out” every game, every time. For either team. Got it hardcore? Just pointing out, again, since you’re proven to be misguided by this FACT.

It just shows you don’t listen enough. And in fact he says “the Astros/opposing team are down to their last strike” if indeed a batter has 2 on him with 2 outs.

You have a selective memory he said nicely.

Apparently you need to hear a series of Ford Astros HR calls on a loop to get through to you.

Robert Ford is one of the best in the business, this is a weird take.