How to kill UH football

Geez…your the one with real problems !!!

I’ve supported and been a fan of UH sports since 1964.

How about you !

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I did not think of your opinions as ignorant…but I may have to reconsider.

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I assume you graduated in 2013? The fact that you quoted a fictional character from a white chick porn flick about “truth” is more entertaining than the show. (My wife & daughter watch that crap). I, too, as well as my dad, wife, daughter and 4 other relatives safely traveled through the ward while attending UH. The residents are good people in a bad situation. I’ve bought many a keg from Max when he was around. I’ve know many UH coaches and my kid went through the recruiting process. Guess what the number 1 knock on UH is? The truth you speak of is really an ideal that doesn’t exist. If you think our administration would prefer keeping the ward over redeveloping it, you are naive. I realize your generation wants things to be perfect for honorable reasons. Unfortunately, in real life, is not reality just because we want it that way. Eventually the ward will be redeveloped into expensive residential housing and UH will benefit from that. My hope is that it can be a win win for the residents as well.

Man oh man the takes in this thread are getting spicy

Inb4 the lock

With all the passion here, I don’t see how we can kill UH football.

No I agree that gentrification will eventually consume Third Ward. Its already starting to happen as many town homes are being built in the neighborhood. I don’t blame a UH fan, donor, or the administration for that. It happened to midtown (part of 4th ward) or Little Saigon. Eventually it’ll happen to the 5th ward.

No I don’t think they’d prefer to keep it, but they’re not encouraging its removal.

This for everyone getting worked up about the neighborhood around UH.

It doesn’t matter. Complete non issue. The paranoid will always find a reason for not going here or there, not allowing their kids to attend UH because the run-down houses around it is just dumb.

Would those parents stop their kids from going to USC? That campus is surrounded by neighborhoods that BURN when racial tensions snap. Watts riots of the 60s, Rodney King beating fallout, probably more but that’s what comes to my mind.

Oh, what if a Brainiac was accepted to John’s Hopkins? No sane parent would say no to that and Baltimore is not a nice place.

So what surrounds UH isn’t nearly as important as what is INSIDE UH.

P.S. Kahtor starting a medical school is a wild goose chase. With Baylor and UT in town how would it ever get off the ground? Whose going to fund it? For the $ that would be spent trying to get that going, how many existing UH programs could be brought up to world class status?

And this program was close to that. I remember times when people left the Rob and used another ticket to help attendance numbers when they used to count only the stubs collected for attendance.


I don’t know how many lost, but i can tell you that the RV parking area is a shell of what it has been in recent years - a veritable ghost town! What once was a jam-packed, heck of a party area, is now down to a small hand full of RV’s and wide open areas of asphalt on game day. It really is sad to see the momentum in that area all but dead now!

Indeed. Sad fact is without hard numbers to show how the relocation has hurt attendance, I don’t think the Administration will do much. But keep trying for sure. I don’t own an RV, but the better the pregame time is, the more casual fans will show up once word gets around.

She has a lot of funding. Apparently the first class is fully funded with scholarships. She’s also not going head to head with Baylor/UT but is starting a MD program for general practitioners. Sure, she might be able to focus more of her efforts on an energy or health institute or pick a major, but she believes the med school will program lots of research dollars and enhanced status.


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I will add one more post to this thread.
What concerns me the most is coming from U of H grads that have not experienced our days in the SWC/P5. The non knowledge of the hatred that we have for uta and atm is very damaging to the entire program.
The lack of knowledge has direct ramifications on the beliefs of what we can really accomplished. We can be an Alabama, OSU or a USC. Excellence is our goal and only goal.


This kind of thinking is similar to theTennessee and A&M thinking. Inflated sense of self.


To be fair, at least Tennessee has been there before.

I dont understand this thread… The third ward is not all that bad. If you go down elgin there is a new million dollar park built. The Organic vegan Doshi house is funding to make the place look nicer and be self sustainable. UH student built a project for self sustainable housing for the third ward. Apart from that i dont think its all bad and it serves to know there is a world outside of the 4 walls people build to protect kids. We have a very low crime rate at school compared to other universities (yes surprising). The Medical school couldnt compete with UT and Baylor. Why not? because theyre more established? It does not mean they are doing it better. It could bring more students and more applications fees. We could become more competitive and raise the bar on all programs with the funding. BUT everything has to be Innovative. We have to turn the wheel a different way. Like Amazon, Tesla to name a few who have made life difficult for other companies in their categories who are stuck in old ways. We like them have to create new ways.


I think we are very much alive.

LOL…I did that !

This is #1. We have constant bitching about our staff, of skyline view, not hiring whomever the guy complaining wanted, the defense, the offense, the weather, the heat, the cold, the you name it. As Pogo so wisely said, “We have met the enemy and it is us.”


I would imagine every school has the same problem.