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Wow that makes it sound like we are no where close to figuring it out. Seems like it will be strange times in the beginning when we join.

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I can already see a three-headed hate rivalry between UH-TT-Baylor brewing.

Both Baylor and Tech fancy themselves the heir apparent to Oklahoma.

UH wants to establish itself right off of Jump Street. Any time we beat either the pain will linger and the hatred will multiply. TCU is a wildcard spoiler for all three.


Interesting. I’d like the B12 to take a look at this model down the line.
For UH - Baylor, TCU, Tech a no brainer ?

“The ACC has plans to vote on a 3-5-5 scheduling model featuring three permanent opponents and a rotating slate of home-and-home games with five other opponents”

The Baptist and the Sand Aggies….it’s going to be a rude awakening……all their worst fears of what would happen if UH was ever in a P5 are about to come true…. And there’s not a damn thing they can do to stop it….
for all you guys that have been through the UH dark ages….the light is near and it’s gonna be a helluva lot of fun.


Sit back and think about it. Have you ever in your life of sports fandom (most of us 20+ years - some maybe even 50+ years) heard a group of conference mates openly protest the addition of a prospective candidate school?
And, by their open admission, they said emphatically “because it will elevate them.”

I’m gonna hazard a guess you haven’t. And while the rider of “recruiting” was always attached to the protest as cover the theme was always, “they’ll get better.”
The fact is its an insidious hatred of UH that goes back deeply to our success in the SWC and the theme that we never should have been there to begin with. It will be delicious…nay, Heavenly, to hammer them into submission. Because now they’re trapped in the cage with us and no one can save them. Not Deloss Dodds. Not Del Conte. Not Grant Teaff. Not even RC Slocum or Mack Rhoades. Tech, Baylor and TCU gonna get their #% whipped.


I take that more as a sign of conference dysfunction. Other conferences know that they should strive to create the best conference possible (however defined), or should at least pretend that to be the case. The Big 12… hasn’t. Since Texas was the biggest offender here (they worried about the elevation of teams already in the conference!), I’m hoping that changes with their departure (there are some positive indications). It’s one of my bigger concerns.


Yes, yes and yes this why I hope, hope and hope that the BIG12 will indeed be a Power Conference when these media contracts are signed and delivered.
Football is king in Texas. Isn’t highly ironic how so many have tried to keep us down?

“Big 12 prides itself on having a round-robin schedule matrix. That will be impossible in the post-realignment era, but each member institution will cycle through the entire conference in three years in a 2-6 model with a pair of permanent opponents and six rotating opponents. Here are the permanent rivals for that format:”

I sent the 2-6 idea to AD Rhodes at Baylor. It looks like they went with it. Where is my cut for the idea?

Houston will not accept ANY scheduling plan where we DONT play TCU, Baylor and Tech every year…with 9 conference games every year, it is a perfectly reasonable demand…Rivalries are certainly going to be taken into account when they do this…

Those teams have a longer rivalry with each other and the existing members than they have with us. We may end up in a division with few Texas teams.

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This piece is just a suggestion, and it’s not even a good one.

The suggested permanent rivalries are especially bad.

UCF and Oklahoma State as permanent rivals? What?

Sic’em asked BYU guy the two schools they were most looking forward to playing and he said Baylor and TCU, and so this puts them against… K-State and Iowa State?

Did they use a dart board to decide this or something?

My preference is now Pod+1. Four sets of three pods and then one rivalry outside of that pod. Everyone else you get 6 seasons out of every 8.

As previously mentioned, my pods are:
TCU-BYU-Baylor (TCU/Baylor are rivals, Baylor/BYU seem jazzed, BYU-TCU have history)
UH-TT-OKST (Big state schools in Texas-OK)
UCF-UC-WVU (Eastern time zone)
KU-KSU-ISU (Longtime Big 8 rivals)

Our Plus-One would likely be UCF, Baylor, or TCU.



we’ll accept whatever the Hell they come up with


There’s a non-zero chance we get severed from the other Texas schools completely in terms of permanent rivals. It would be stupid and is not likely, but it’s possible (especially if they do three pods of four). More concerned about avoiding that than insisting we get to play TCU every year.

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We will start playing in the Big XII next season and we are already complaining? Of course we are. smh


The 2023 schedule will include Baylor, TT, TCU and probably BYU.
Not sure if rice is in that schedule.
UT may a little trickier but they could be on it as well.

If it works out with ut we just need to schedule a&m, Arkansas and SMU to complete the old SWC reunion.

Maybe it’ll come true if he CAPITALIZES some more words. After all, we are demanding it.



The idea that we were going to makes demands at the B12 made me spit Kool-Aid on the screen.

We’re little over a year away from having the governor intercede on our behalf to get in the damn conference and we’re gonna turn around and demand to make our own schedule?!



Yeah, we take what they say. Playing any big12 team is good. We’d be excited to play any of them if we were still stuck in the aac and we get them at home. Tech was our big exciting game last yr.

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