Mattress Mack Bets $1M on Coogs to Win it All

Mattress Mack posted a video betting $1M on UH Basketball to “win it all” at Caesars in Lake Charles.


The last odds I saw for UH winning it all was +1000. On a $1M bet, Mattress Mack would win $10M.

Let’s go boys!


Took UH at 8-1 odds.


I’m going tomorrow to put down one zillion dollars on UH


Mac is a shrewd businessman and I think that is a wise investment.

Just wondering if Mack knew he was being filmed. :rofl::laughing::smile::laughing::smiley:

Well, the cameras and film crew would have given him a hint.

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Was being sarcastic Mr. Mike. The cameras are always w him. It’s all Good, as he’s done a tremendous amount of goodwill for City of Houston n surrounding area. Just be nice if he did some thgs w/o the cameras following him.

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I know you were Jesse, so was I.

Hmmmm. :thinking:

Hmmm :joy:

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As long as we keep it light. Hehe

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I frequent L.C.-- Golden Nugget usually once per year, on occasion twice n I knew nothing of this new place. Trying figure out if it replaced the old place rt off Hwy or if it’s new on its own. One off Westlake b4 the bridge… name escapes me.

Isle of Capri Casino in Lake Charles.

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Yes, thank you. Looks like it’s in same area but not sure if it replaced Isle or is New Bldg.

At 9-1 odds, I wagered $1,000 that the Cougars would win. If not, I can afford to lose that amount.

Pondering the idea of losing $1M is staggering, but the upside is amazing.

Think of it this way… If Mattress Mack wins these bets he got on the Coogs that could be some NIL money for the near future :grin::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

Definitely enticed Shead & Mark for sure to return as seniors.

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He does.

While at the G Nugget.
UH FB over of 4 is @ + 140.
Worth a few bucks before WF stocks up in late portal & it goes down.