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This is True. It also shows what a couple yrs of College team play, camaraderi can do for someone. Green has incredible Athleticism but that G-Elite or whatever they call it, taught him nothing abt Team concept. I’ll be the first to admit , I was not big fan of his in his first 2 yrs as a Rocket. N was even ok if he got traded at beginning of this year. The Coaching staff was frustrated w him, hence getting benched several times for whole 4th Qtr in a game that was 100% not decided as far as the score. I’m Old School ( started intently following Rocket’s in early 70s) so tsking my awhile to appreciate these young athletes for their talent.


Team shows some excitement after tough Road win!

Green, Thompson, Whitmore, Jabari, and Sengun. The future is very very bright. Thompson is the second best rookie this year.

Don’t forget Eason


Record says otherwise.

As the old saying goes, we will see.

Last week or early this past week, Coach Ime said same thing I did. All Good.

The best young players in the league either did not go to college at all or played 1 year. A very small number played 2 years.

  • Sengun
  • Wemby
  • Green
  • SGA
  • Holmgren
  • Thompson
  • Cade Cunningham
  • Fox
  • Booker
  • Trae Young
  • Williamson
  • Haliburton played 2
  • Sabonis played 2

Not to mention Giannis, Doncic, Lebron, Anthony Davis, and Jokic. All “One and done” or none.

Harden (2), Curry (3) and Damian Lillard (4) are the only guys I can think of that played more than 1 year. Durant was a 1 and done, as was Julius Randle and Zion Williamson.

Most NBA talent people will tell you that if you play too many years in college then your pro game will suffer because college basketball and NBA are not the same.

Different shot clock (30 vs 24), different game times (40 v 48 min), etc. It goes without saying that the talent is on a different level. That is why most NBA teams don’t like drafting guys with more than a year in college at the top of the draft. At a certain point, they are old and set in their ways, and it will take more time to wring out the bad habits they learned playing in college than it would to teach them how to play pro ball.

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I appreciate the Scouting report.

Be nice, he put in the time to validate his point .


And I told him, I appreciate it.

You telling people to be nice!! The New Pollard.
I kidd I kidd !

Edit: h8s examples are very true. N I could have given him bunch of examples of 3, 4 yr College players that have been drafted in 1st rd in within last 10+ yrs but I just don’t feel like going through that here anymore. So I just go w the flow majority of time.

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None of the players listed wouldn’t have been drafted had they played another year or two in college. All this shows is that generational talent is pretty easy to identify.

None of the players would have benefitted from wasting another year in college not making money.

I’m glad Grimes didn’t listen to you after his Soph year n came back to have great Jr year as a Coog. These are just opinions anyway. Nothing is clear cut as you paint it.

Rockets were leading the LV, er, uhm, I mean Dallas Mav’s by 3 w/8 seconds to go. Jabari fouled, needs only one to win and missed both. Rarely misses. Las Vegas owned team ties and wins in overtime. The fix was in? No. Not possible. Right?