Post Kelvin Sampson

Yes. Fan support, ive said that.

Developing pros is a factor also. We’ve had Quentin Grimes as our 1 NBA guy.

These other programs like Ohio St, who you laughed at, had Mike Conley Jr, Evan Turner, Sullinger, D Angelo Russell

That matters too

UH is a top 15 job by far. Growing fanbase, pending B12 move, and who wouldnt wanna live in Houston?


Imo when you go back 15, 20, 30 yrs it gets too complicated. There’s only few for sure so called Blue Bloods in CBB. But to me if you take just the last 5 yrs of all CBB Programs… I can’t see leaving UH out of the Top 20 in the Country n esp where they are now headed as far as Conf affiliation. I thk the Program is on solid ground for the foreseeable future n if Kellen wasn’t in line to take over when Pop’s retires, it would be a very attractive job across CBB landscape. Jmo
Let y’all hash it out.


We’re going to act like Jarace is not about to be a top 10 pick? And Marcus is about to be a first rounder?

Dot also played in the NBA. And was drafted.


You’re confusing top 30 “program”. With top 30 “job”

If the Sampsons left, the whole Sampson tree gone, and its Chris Pezman having to make a hire.

What attracts a top 25 coach in basketball to UH? Could we pluck an elite coach from another job

Recruiting area is fertile. Yes.

Yes because of the recruiting base, its a big 12 job now and history

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What in the world are you talking about?

If Sampson retires tomorrow and Kellen didn’t get the job.

What would attract a coach to Houston?

Oh, IDK. Just look at what Sampson has done the last decade. What kind of question is that?

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Like i said, Ill let yall hash it out. I reaffirm my opinion that absolutely UH Basketball is a Top 20 job as it stands now. It’s not like CKS is making peanuts. He’s very well paid.

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Thats true. But you could fall off in a hurry with the wrong hire.

Look at Wichita St and Louisville.

yes, the wrong hire can ruin a program as much as a right hire can make it a top 10 program

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Well that was a good discussion :smile:

Im a college basketball fan for years.

Yes, Purdue hasnt been to a Final Four. But Mackey Arena is one of the best environments in college basketball. They’ve been a consistent program for years

I had a few errors on the list, ill give you that. Like LSU probably dont give a sh*t about hoops. As long as Football is winning, they’re happy

History you say? The following say, hello.

  • Hakeem Olajuwon
  • Clyde Drexler
  • Elvin Hayes
  • Otis Birdsong (my all time favorite)
  • Don Chaney
  • Sweet Lou Dunbar
  • Dwight Jones
  • Carl Herrera
  • Ken Spain
  • Larry Micheaux
  • Rob Williams
  • Michael Young
  • I’m sure that I am forgetting several great players…It’s late…I’m tired…but, I will stack the history of the Houston Cougars men’s basketball program with any other team in the country. We can throw out a starting five plus five more back-ups that can go toe-to-toe with any team in the history of college basketball. That’s history! Goodnight. Peace.

Our history is great but those other programs have more resources and fans.

Let’s see the state of our program with a few down seasons. I doubt we’d be in the top 30. Would we even sell out our arena? Based on past UH history, it’s a fair question.

I had to bring some data for the fan support argument. We have a great social media team. Instagram, Twitter, etc. They post great stuff

But only 47K subscribers on Twitter

Iowa St 305K

Fan support was a factor in my list. And obviously Sampson is continuing to grow it

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St. Peter’s was just in the Elite 8. Do they have a program to sustain i I don’t even have to go down that far. Miami did too. Are they therefore more sustainable than those other jobs?

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Lol. Georgetown puts about 2,000 in a giant arena. Nova’s on campus stadium seats about 1,000 less than ours. Pauley Pavilion is empty most nights. Half those teams can’t touch our history.


2 Nation Titles for Nova, plus several pros in the NBA that help elevate your programs brand

They’ve been an NCAA tournament team. over 10+ times since 2000

Look, Georgetown, ive heard different opinions on it. Thats probably fair. They too have a solid recruiting area. Ewing has just done a terrible job. And killed fan support that it seems absurd

Couple thoughts. Screw Georgetown they are an absolute afterthought rn. We are a great job. Yes I’m fine with Coach Kellen taking over the reigns.

I think he was talking about ehog!!!

Since he has confessed himself as one in the past.

I created my list off the top of my head. KenPom like it always does, has a ranking of top pograms in the last 20+ years

Iowa St, Georgetown, are lower on the KenPom rankings.

But I didn’t include Oregon or Syracuse who are top 25 on KenPoms program rankings.

Wasn’t trying to troll. Im invested in this program

Good night. Go Coogs