Tank Dell


They are doing what it takes to be successful.


Come to think of it, I don’t hear callers when I listen either. I listen to In the Loop and Storner and Hughley for maybe an hour total per day. Have they gotten away from that?

Yes, they have call in interviews but callers rarely get on.

Dell certainly is getting a lot of attention. I’m hearing a lot of talk about him on 610. My only concern with him is his durability. I think he will have an impact on the Texans offense and punt returning.

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Young lad is off to a good start


That’s funny that he’s a hot topic in Houston sportstalk now…

And wasn’t even an afterthought to be discussed while playing his way into a semifinalist round for the Belitnikoff Award prior to becoming a Texan…



Makes me wonder :thinking:

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Yes, he was rarely, if ever, talked about when playing for the local University. Funny how that works.