TDECU Stadium Renovations & Expansions

This is a great idea, regardless of the weather, because the stadium has a roof…Oh wait…

It’s not important, just a fact. However it isn’t a bad thing to have good toys.

I enjoy that as well as the tailgating.

Guys… this is one of the biggest video boards in the entire 77004 zip code and adjacent areas.


Walked by the stadium a few days ago and checked it out. It’s way more impressive in person.


Showing kids actual construction is so much more impressive than just photos, though photos and construction are even better.

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I imagine we will need full season sellouts and demand for tickets the way we have for basketball before they expand to 60… If it involve demoing the entire northside upper deck I imagine we are talking a larger project then the Operations Center and Indoor facility combined.

As a northsider I am looking forward to the sun ducking behind the giant videoboard during the early evening games.


They need more than just one season of sellouts to go to 60K. When they do, they will not demo the northside upper deck, the foundation infrastructure is in place for expansion to the north side. Nor will it go to 60K because the operations center will prohibit it. I think 55K is the max, but that is way down the line if it happens.

With the declining demand from the middle age and below fans, and us old guys dying out, I wonder if we will ever need to expand.

This will be the biggest impact to me, as well. I LIKE having a nice video board, but I NEED shade earlier. They should build an awning on top of the board to make it the bigger biggest.

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I seriously doubt we ever expand past 45k or so, maybe build so more end zone facilities, but seasons (5+) of sellouts will be necessary.

I was referring to this as far as demoing the northside upper deck, I guess I should have said third deck.

But also adding 30-50% more seats to the third decks is not remotely realistic without adding at least 30-50% to the suites, club, premium seating options. which would necessitate a full rebuild of the northside upper deck.

I predict the next time we play our home games in a stadium with more then 50k seats it will be the new downtown stadium in Eado that we share with the football team that replaces the Texans a few years after the Texan’s demand a new stadium and the county say’s no so they leave the city and we get a new NFL franchise. Where our grandkids and great-grandkids can watch the Cougars play. There will also be flying cars.

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Yeah I get those weren’t your words. When I said “why are we” I meant the school. I was using the info you provided to ask the board if anyone knew if the info changed. If not then apparently Utah has the biggest in the Big 12.

But the article above says Utah has a bigger scoreboard. I originally didn’t care at all, but after the announcement that this is going to be the biggest in Texas and now the change to biggest in the conference I kind of want to know the truth now lol.

But yes ultimately it doesn’t matter and what does matter is the new scoreboard is going to be really, really nice. Excited for the season!

Yes that would be a new revenue stream for us without spending additional money . Great idea.

How much is the football operations end zone facility?

I believe it’s $140 million

That’s my recollection also.

I recall we went past the 90M option and opted for the higher one. I think CKS shared his 2 cents of “ don’t go on the cheap if you can avoid it, bc once its built you will already be behind.”

I think that the $140 option will be nice but either way, we’re already behind aren’t we? Look at what Tech is building.

TCU has lots of available tickets in its upper deck starting at $280. When we sell out our upper deck seats with season tickets, we can expand. TCU is experiencing less demand without UT or OU on the schedule. Sections 411-416 and 119-120 are for visitors.

You’ll never win the arms race in athletic facilities. As soon as you complete a project, some school is building a bigger, better facility. My thought is stay competitive, maintain and upgrade incrementally, and don’t fall too far behind. With the B12 money eventually rolling in, UH is in a much better position to stay competitive. The main goal right now is to continue to broaden UH’s donor base. Most of the low hanging fruit has been tapped. The goal will be jump-started if the football team starts winning.

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I went to KSU game last year, they have a party deck overlooking the tailgate parking. You can come and go as you please during game and beer sales and consumption is only in tailgate and party deck, not in seats. People leave tailgates up, so during blow outs like UH game they can go back to tailgates and hang out. Neat game day atmosphere, fans get there early then Aggie Village post game. Fans were nice, I told them we will be better in basketball, which turned out we killed them.

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