Transfer portal 2024

at washington he’ll be reunited with his coach from Utah State, Danny Sprinkle. In his one year there, they won 28 games and went to the dance… Sprinkle has considerable talent assembled for next year. wouldn’t be surprised to see them make the tournament.

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Lol I would because that’s what I do now. There more important stuff to me than money. As long as I can take care of myself and my family I’m good. Took me awhile to realize that though.

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If you’re not a guy with NBA potential then you definitely take the money. If you do have Legitimate NBA potential then I think you’d want to play for a coach that’s got a proven track record of developing pros. Ofc the good news is there are plenty of college coaches that can offer you that as well as big time NIL money, so that scenario is kind of a false dilemma.


Always possible that he’s agreeing to give up a percentage of future earnings for the money. Pretty hard to justify spending that kind of money at a program like UW otherwise.

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I thought foreigners were banned from NIL

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We don’t need future NBA players to win college games. We’ve had great success under CKS but haven’t yet produced an NBA starter during his tenure, just a few guys who have hung around. Maybe Walker will be the guy who breaks through.

We can still get the right players in the portal.


would be great to see a yell leader looking out from the side…

In CKS words, “you lose when you play freshman” (even J. Walker)

It is a grown man’s game, especially the B12, not many 18-19 yo’s going to help you. You need age, experience, development and time with the program. That is exactly why CKS loves this team coming back.

I mean you can WIN if Mercy Miller is your 8th man in a rotation lol


CKS has to TRUST you, and he just doesn’t trust freshman.

Yeah you can’t take it too literally. He didn’t mean you lose when you play jojo or you lose when you play walker. Walker was brought here to play as a freshman and coach didn’t intend to lose with him.


Exactly if you look back he has always played freshman if they were good enough and the rotation wasn’t full. Hinton, Sasser, Mills, Tramon, Walker, Sharp, TA, Jojo


And he has always favored experience

And the only way to get experience is to play and he knows he has to even if he doesn’t prefer it


As good as Shead became, Sampson joked about how not ready Shead was as a freshman. You have to be really special to start at PG for Sampson as a freshman.

You look at the way we play with freshmen I feel like his philosophy is to try an avoid playing multiple freshmen in non-blowout situations that way more experienced players can cover for freshman mistakes.

For instance next year of Mercy or McCarty earned their way to the early bench spots they will probably come in with Ramon or TA and our frontcourt will at least have Roberts on the floor directing traffic.

If you think players are playing here for free I promise you they aren’t haha. I don’t think some of yall understand how close we were to losing guys. Terrance, JoJo, Roberts, we fighting off NBA, overseas, and other P4 schools to keep guys. All the other options are paying, best believe we are too. That On3 metric is a ball park but they don’t have exact numbers


You mean to tell me our guys are humans looking to make the best possible decisions for themselves and futures? I thought we were a magical unicorn spot where love, team, and basketball conquers all things involving such venal things like money.


It is a guess. It is not real.

The On3 NIL Valuation is the industry’s leading index that sets high school and college athletes’ projected annual value (PAV). A proprietary algorithm, the On3 NIL Valuation establishes the overall NIL market and projected 12-month growth rate by measuring two categories, Brand Value Index and Roster Value Index.

The Brand Value Index measures the national licensing and sponsorship market. The Roster Value Index collects data from all school Collectives into a proprietary Roster Management software. Brand Value and Roster Value are combined to create the overall NIL market.

Using the overall NIL market size, the On3 NIL Valuation calculates an athlete’s Brand Value and Roster Value by using dynamic data points targeting three primary categories:




Exactly! And he puts the freshman back n the best position to be successful and hurt the team the least.

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