Transfer portal 2024

Lol I don’t. I know the NIL deals they get. I was just using hypothetical situation where I would be playing. It worked out that Osobar got the bag while following his coach but I was referencing guys who chase the bag (you know who I refer to) when a better fit is available. They thinking short term gratification over the development of a certain program

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Trazarien White transfers to TCU

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It doesn’t matter.

He doesn’t get it.

I put all my information in the “Valuation Machine” and it spit out a paper that said -200k.



Abou Ousmane transfers to Oklahoma St


Riley Kugel transfers to Mississippi St

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Achor Achor transfers to Kansas State.

Good get.

Highlight dunk on Kansas:


Kansas State lands commitment from Chimobi Ikegwuruka

Freaky athlete.


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Gonna really struggle to play with one shoe but I guess that’s a choice


Gotta take that call tho


That’s one hell of an Irish name. I’m guessing it’s pronounced, “Seamus”. :joy:


Khalil Brantley transfers to Oklahoma State

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Noah Waterman transfers to Louisville

Previously played at BYU and Detroit Mercy

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Glenn Taylor Jr transfers to Grand Canyon

Previously played at St Johns & Oregon St

Starters: Harrison, Collin Moore, JaKobe Coles, Lok Wur, Brennan

Bench: Makaih Williams, Glenn Taylor Jr, Dennis Evans

P6 transfers they have: 5

*Coles (TCU)
*Wur (Oregon)
*Brennan (Arizona State)
*Taylor Jr (St Johns)
*Dennis Evans (Louisville)

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I can tell you first hand the nil numbers I hear and know are staggering for mid major guys who move up - it’s not even fair

So you have access to all of their W2s and tax returns? Or do you work for the IRS? J/k