Transfer Portal news 4.0

He didn’t hear anything…. He’s FOS.

That’s so stupid.



One of the dumbest posts I’ve read in a long time…

Yeah, CKS just chillin’ , not trying to win….but then when his son ( with zero head coaching experience) takes over then we’ll start really try to win……

Right now coach is just enjoying his golden years.

Just beyond stupid….but that’s “ what you’re hearing”? :joy: from who? The voices in your head? :joy:


Not only is it stupid, it’s blatantly disrespectful to suggest that the coach who single-handedly brought UH basketball out of the mires of mediocrity is “not trying”.


im not sure i agree on the Carlton take …
carltons number were put on specific teams, sampson is very formulaic with how we score especially on particular matchups

sampson prefered offense is the postup iso (despite never targeting post iso players in recruiting)… he runs it every year no matter who is the center/forward no matter how much better the guards are… the extent to which it is used depends on how skilled the post player is… look at last year we heavily ran post iso for jwan who isnt even a great post threat… we only stop doing it when it obviously not working (we start almost every game with targeting postups)

our guards take the shots becuase we almost never a have a legtimate post threat on the team…

im not sure my point is clear, but sasser is a drastically better scorer than carlton, but sampson would try to feed Carlton to start the game, and if Carlton is successful early we will just keep feeding him even if sasser is the better scorer

And Terrance is not “athletic “ and is “slow” yep, those are the words that usually describe top 100 players.:joy:….where did you come from?

There is no way you are being serious….you have to be trolling….if not you are in the top ten of worst Coog Posters.

I see. One could counter and say Jwan had good stats as our 5 last season

Do you agree that some 5s, wouldnt love the role theyd have here?

We run post ups early in the game, but then that kinda disappears in my opinion. Like with Breaon Brady for example, all his touches were the first plays of each half. Scripted. After that, nothing really for him

Carlton instead of averaging 11.6ppg, with a full roster, he probably averages 7-8ppg that season. No 1st team AAC with those numbers, even though still an efficient player

this question is probably more loaded than the direct question itself

no one touted would want the breaon role… so in the direct “would they want to do what was previously done” the answer would be no…
but the question is loaded in that, we wouldnt give the breaon role to someone touted…

sampson noted something similar when were recruiting carlton that carlton was worried about how previous centers were used at houston, sampson responded that those bigs were used that way because of their skill level, if they were at your level we’d use them differently…
we wouldnt use a 5star big the way we used our juco bigs

and the reason we stop the scripted postups is becuase they arent working, a better big it would keep working… we only stop it when its shut down by the other team…

this was a hot take i had planned to make earlier when i thought we’d land a touted big…
we are stacked with guards that can score… if we had landed a touted big (nelson, ike etc…) i was going to call them to be our leading scorer for the season

Uh this is what I saw lmao - they post up iso Jwan on the block first possession almost every game.

There were games that jwan WAS the game plan lol

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Interesting. In the 9 years under Sampson:

*A guard was our leading scorer every single season

*In 5 of 9 seasons, our 2 top leading scorers for that season were guards

16-17:Gray & Dotson
17-18: Gray & Davis Jr
18-19: Davis Jr & Brooks
19-20: Mills & Grimes
20-21: Grimes & Sasser

For next year Cryer will be our leading scorer. And 2nd leading scorer…i don’t know yet. Could be Dunn, since he gets to the free throw line

and Carlton who wasn’t very touted was out best center by a margin … i think you are looking at correlation and not causation …

if the post up iso is working samspon doesnt stop running it…weve just never had any top tier postup scorer

and with the current line up it has to be cryer… and id bout our #2 as sharp off the bench, in a mills type situation…
if we landed nelson, id have nelson as our leading scorer

If we land Nelson? Ya’ll said that Sampson SAID we’re done at 12. Cuz that’s how he rolls.

I mean, which is it?? SEVERAL of ya’ll critiqued me for saying it was classic COACHSPEAK, but outside of Coog1992 letting us know the 2023-24 rosters for NCAAM, all ya’ll seem to be discussing is who’s available for that 13th spot.

So, was it coachspeak or not? Cuz you’re bringing IF and Nelson into the same sentence.


And the crazier thing is : ya’ll talk as if the “withdraw from the NBA draft” date as already passed.
…when another, LAST round of TP guys become available.


this is a weird critic coming from you…the reason we are still holding out hope for a 13th player is because you hyped us up to believe we were getting one…

sampson has said we are done at 12, but most of us are still holding out hope…

before the sampson interview we were all in everything you said for months… but when the coach flat says thats not happening there will obviously going to be doubt

our conversation are normal, you are the one who should getting called out… not doing the calling out…
you are calling people out for still holding out hope that what you said might b true …even thou there is evidence to state otherwise

and the issue is the samson has noted he doesnt want to add anyone, not that we think players might not enter the portal


Lol, I don’t think this team is even trying to be in that discussion. They will play to the best of their abilities and we will land where we will land. Last years team was the NC competing team, this year we will figure out as we go.

Worst post I’ve read in a long time. Really.

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Oh shut up! You aint brainwashing these people in here anymore. Your spell has expired, buddy!

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Well u seem to be in the know? So which is it, are we done or are we still trying to get someone, and I don’t mean a Bowser type practice player, I just think that’s a waste of time we need a big man, u know as well as I do it ain’t happening this year with Francis at the 5 and Jwan at the 4, another touted big whether that be a 4 or a 5 would be helpful, coach knows this or he has talked himself into believing we can win with this roster

This board needs the off-season training content in the worst way.

My big question over the next year is who will be the PG to take the reins from Shead after this year?


Sampson is a magnet for Guards…he can get a touted guard from portal with his eyes closed…
It’s the Bigs that cause a concern as you can see…

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