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Anyone watching the Mayor of Kingstown?

Great acting.

Horrible about Jeremy Renner….hope he has a successful recovery.

The Last of Us is shaping up to be a good one.

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Any shows worth watching I may have missed?

Anything other than sci-fi.

I know a couple of shows with new seasons starting soon……Succession, Perry Mason, Snowfall….Bob Odenkirk has one soon “Lucky Hank”.

Off topic, but I would like to see a remake of The Natural, baseball movie. Perhaps a limited TV series would be interesting. Not sure who would play the role of Roy Hobbs.

How about Boyd Holbrook?

Today, it would probably be played by a lesbian from Puerto Rico that’s transgender.


Did you play the game? So far i like the subtle change in Zombies to give it some basis in real science

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Holbrook would be a very good choice. Redford was 48 years old when he played the part. Holbrook is a little younger. I was thinking Brad Pitt, but he’s too old to play Hobbs. If not Holbrook, possibly Chris Pratt?

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Hell no to Chris Pratt.

I did and agree the fungus angle was clever and believable. Kinda. I did see a fungus documentary on YouTube that supports what they were saying in E1.

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They actually were going to start the show with documentary footage.
I’m wondering if there is much interest from people who haven’t played the game or know people who have. Its really well done, HBO show, Games of Throne actors, Chernobly production team. Looking forward to next week

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Well Pratt did play a baseball player in Moneyball….and he was passable……but would it be weird since he played a baseball player already.

Just a thought. Ryan Gosling would be another option to play Roy Hobbs, and as far as that goes, Indiana Jones in a remake.

It’s not in Italian.

It’s in Neopolitan. They wanted it to be authentic so they use the local language since most are from the rough streets of Naples.

Italians have to watch it with subtitles

The Witcher is a good series (netflix) if you like to learn some Slavic mythology.

Speaking of Indiana Jones……New one with Harrison Ford at 80….

I guess Liam Neeson needs someone to get Taken again….he’s only 70.

I could see Gosling as Indiana Jones more so than Roy Hobbs.

Kurt Russell would have made a good Roy Hobbs when The Natural filmed originally.

Is it good so far? It caught my attention the other day and have been thinking about jumping into it.

Also anybody watched Your Honor on Showtime? The first season trailers looked tame, but now it looks wild.

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Mayor of Kingstown——First episode I was kind of on the edge as far as whether to watch or not….By mid second episode I was hooked and watched the entire first season in one weekend.

My wife had been walking in and out of the living room doing stuff and half watching….soon she stopped and watched all of it with me.

You get invested in the characters and see all the good and bad, etc. also, first two episodes of season two are out….excellent.

Your Honor——Started off slow then ramped up quickly. I watched the first season and enjoyed.
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with a second season….the first episode of season two was a surprise.

I like them both but on a scale of 1-10……I’d go with a 9 for MOK and about a 6-7 for Your Honor

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My older bro hasn’t played the games. He does like apocalyptic stories/ zombie genre. His wife and him are loving it so far. I’ve played the games and am enjoying the changes as well as the references to the game. My only concern is that it’s only 9 episodes and there is a lot of story to tell.

After this third episode people are really wondering if that was in the game. People are surprised by the drama. Nick Offerman showing off the acting chops.