UCF vs Houston- Potential Space Themed rivalry/Trophy game

Designating a rivalry is like a prearranged marriage. Why force the issue? I would prefer a rivalry happen organically. Having meaningful games with close wins and losses. Losing conference title games. Personality conflicts between players or coaches. Smack talk. Or maybe certain teams that were your conference brothers once upon a time that kicked you to the curb and left you for dead.





For the way they politicked their way into what should have been our spot in the new Big12. Then later used their ill gotten gains to poach our coach and future Heisman winning QB


Biggest factor pushing me in favor of space themed rivalry is to unveil a badass space uni that finally gets it right. UCF’s unis are NOT IT. Rice a little bit better but missed opportunity. I think we can nail it if we had a collab with space center.

How about jumpman logo but he’s got a space suit on instead

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Agreed. Organic hatred growth is the only way to create a rivalry.

That shouldn’t stop us from making a Space Bowl trophy or calling the game Star Wars or whatever.


I have no problem with a trophy game and with the space theme it makes sense. Let’s get NASA involved!

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Having a special trophy is fine. Completely harmless.

Love the NASA connection. Good publicity for both Schools and possible National exposure.

Perhaps NASA Officials and Astronauts will attend the game when played in Houston.


Jumpman is only for basketball at this time.

Park NASA stuff outside the stadium on game day!!

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Nice new look for UCF.

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Utilize NASA to promote it, rather than UH Marketing, which may or may not be a thing.


The apparel could be epic. The Nasa/Astros stuff was so awesome. I am all for any reason for alternative helmet or jersey.

Shasta decked out in a space suit. Lol


Were the tables turned, we would have done the same thing if we could have. Everyone was doing their best to get into the lifeboat, they just had better politicians. Hate and grudges broke up the SWC, I don’t need it to ruin the B12, healthy rivalry is great though. OK, I do admit that I hate UT but that is to be expected.

Give yourself to the hate Mike, it is the only way


The Apollo Trophy


Apollo Trophy? Thank you Mr. 1960.

Shasta likes Space Cake!

Why limit to just Houston? Have them show up every year for publicity.