Update on the UH Master Plan, Wow!

I am surprised this has not already been posted. UH updated the master plan for the campus and there are going to be many noticeable changes. I follow a architecture and reale-state forum and someone posted a PowerPoint link along with pics of what is going to be the further transformation of UH into beautiful tree filled campus in the middle of Houston. If click on the link and scroll down to the bottom of the thread I think all will be impressed. The eyesore that is the College of Education building is going to be torn down and a new building built on another area of the campus leaving a wonderful open space area in the middle of the Legacy Buildings around the big fountain.


Holy cow! This is amazing to see in pictures.

I haven’t been on campus since November 2019 as I live in Canada and pandemic has limited travel. I was aware of the new construction of hotel, law center and medical school but seeing this is photos is really exciting.

The creation of numerous parks and green spaces on our campus will really make the campus feel and look fantastic.

I’ll be on campus in April to take a tour and can hardly wait to see this firsthand.

Thanks for posting this excellent information.


You are welcome and I was surprised nobody had posted on it yet. The neat thing about that Architecture Forum is that posters will continuously post updates and progress of construction at UH. I graduated in 2012 and even since then the enhancements to the campus have been amazing! While at UH they built two business college buildings, and addition to the optometry building, a new science lab teaching building, new Freshman dorms, a new second dining hall, and tore out and were starting the build of a replacement to Cougar Place. I was the first resident in my efficiency at what as Calhoun lofts. After couple years after graduation they built a new strip center across from the Lofts with Pinks Pizza and other food establishments. They completely gutted, renovated, and expanded the UC Center including tearing out the underground section and building a two story addition in its place. They just keep building and building and making improvements to the campus including the addition of 3 parking garages in the past 10 years.The biggest of all is TDECU Stadium, the Guy V Lewis basketball practice facility, the indoor football practice field, and the complete overhaul of Hofheinz into the Ferttita Center!


HAIF is considered the successor to Swamplot. Lots of cool stuff on there

Imgur link with all pics together:

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Will this all be done by 2027 or when?

Every time I come on campus I’m so proud of how much we grown since I started in ‘69. I need to take a day and just plan to do a picnic lunch on campus. Start at one end and just mosey my way around. Or, better take two half days at my age besides that would let me eat on campus twice. So proud of our vision of a world class university and progress under Khator and without and uta/tamu state funds.


I just started dating an Aggie and I have been explaining to her how much UH does with so much less along with the PUF money UH doesn’t have access too. How we have a Khator and Tilman who over the last ten years have started a building boom on campus. I plan on giving her a tour of the campus and also pointing out all that has changed just since I graduated in 2012. Nice things is she also understands my Coog Super Fandom and me not happy about missing games. We already arranged some dates next year for football where I will go to an Aggie game with her when UH is playing on a weeknight and the Aggies are playing on Saturday :grin:

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So will all this be down by 2027 or if not what’s the time frame?

I am not sure of the time frame but based on the renderings, if UH wants to get all that done by 2027 they are going to need get going a lot construction which will includes the sight of cranes for a few new buildings.

Has all of this been fully funded an approved? I think the renderings are concepts of what the university could look like by 2027. I think the university will do something on a scaled-down version.

What do yall think about the the new gateway monuments type A and B ?

The more inspiring and vertical one , type A, will be located at University Blvd ( think Rec Center) and near the new college of medicine building. I like them both , but I favor the existing Cullen/45 split obelisk. Based on numbers of new gateway monument markers there will be a total of 2 Type A and 5 Type B installed around campus.

Dr RK said all should be done by 2027 except the cent. plaza which is dependent upon funding
so it sounds like we’re going to have an awesome campus by 2027. I emailed her today and she responded.


So with the removal of the current College of Education building to open up the central plaza, where are they going to build a new College of Education building at? Maybe that IDEA center mentioned in the renderings something to do with it.

Update on two of the buildings

Hilton expansion/renovation

The HUB (replacement for the satellite… RIP)

Honestly, I like The Hub a lot, but the satellite will always have a special place.


Sweet look for the Hilton!!!

I was hoping for something more eye catching for the Satellite replacement. It’s one of the
more busy interior parts of the campus. Square box building just looks bland.

Agree the Hilton addition looks very nice and will nice addition.

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True, but not a lot of room to work with in that area. I’m guessing that shape maximizes useable space.

I ate a lot of bean burritos and soft tacos from the Satellite Taco Bell–too many, probably.

You know what is sad, when I attended UH I probably spent all of 10 minutes in the Satellite. I spent all my time at the UC gameroom it in the Honors College lounge.

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I spent time in both really, have great memories of the Satellite both pre and post flooding.

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UH Main Campus updates

Tech Annex Building to be replaced by the IDEA Lab. Hopefully, this means the eventual return of COT back to the main campus. I understand why they moved to the sugar land campus (really worn down buildings on the main), but all the UH colleges should be headquartered here.

Old Law Building to be replaced by the Hobby School of Public Affairs Building

UHS Medical Research Facility
Looks like UH is going to be a part of the massive TMC3 building project

UH Sugar Land Building

Overall, glad they’re replacing the old tech annex and the old law school with new updated buildings, those were definitely some of the worst-off buildings on the main campus. Interesting that they’re taking part in the TMC3 campus, this is honestly huge for UH (especially the medical side) and the Houston area. Lastly, Sugar Land is looking like a huge buildout in the coming years, and I hope they eventually bring back the COT to the main campus when Idea Lab is done.

Looking like a bright future for the UH system.

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