What could UH do to realistically improve gameday experience at TDECU

For the 100th time get:
Hilton College of Hotel Management
Bauer Business School
Mattress Mack
Lock all of them in the same room until they come up with a plan. Really can you imagine a round table with each? They are all connected to U of H. How many schools have that luxury?


We got way too many resourcess and brain power in the entertainment , hosting, business too not have the cluster “F”, we got now. We need come up.with someting that will satisfy the fan and make them want to come back for more. Like our Commish, said make the B12 more hip and more cutting, we need to lead the way in concessions.

What do yall eat at the student center?

They have sandwiches, McDs, Panda, Chick Fil A, plus some other stuff.

The Satellite used to have some decent options including sushi. So who knows what the new place will have.

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We tried that, big wins with a lot of touchdowns, fans got bored with the run and shoot.

How about win close exciting games, win close exciting games and win close exciting games.

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Get the DJ they had in Birmingham for the NCAA basketball games

Play basketball games there!


I have pockets what do you mean you can’t take chicken into the stadium


good luck

We could loose the DJ if we just had a band

Don’t loose him on my section. :laughing:

Yeah, the DJ is unnecessary to me.


I think food and alcohol sales are unnecessary, I eat and drink before I come to the games and have you seen those prices! I still reserve the right to complain about the food and alcohol selections.

What we really need to ask ourselves is what can UH do to get non-season ticket holders to come to games, and come back to additional games?

My answer is more bobbleheads.

You do know there is a markup on food and alcohol? Also, without food and alcohol, it cheapens the experience and makes UH look minor league.

Rather than eliminate two areas of profit, let’s upgrade the choices. Spend more, profit more.

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The food and drinks are just a small part of the experience.

What about the pre game and in game production.

The hype video, doesn’t get the fans hyped…bring O Fortuna.

Maybe a bit less hip hop music…I like it but not everyone does…there are other genres of music. Have a play list that will appeal to all the fans.

The pre kickoff is a cluster. We used to have the HOUSTON COUGARS cheer that alternated, that is gone.

WhoseHouse? If you’re going to have someone do it before kickoff, at least do it the right way.

There are no signature player videos like Seabass lessons at the Rob.

Let the band play more.

Most teams have a signature song or tradition to start the 4th quarter….we can do better.

These are all easy things to correct that would improve the game day experience.


UTSA had a student group that has their own dedicated section. They start on the field before the game and form the tunnel that the team comes through when they run out then the go up into the bleachers and were clearly the most energetic of the student sections. Looked like a fun idea and group I would have been part of when I was in school.

That’s actually just a ripoff of the Baylor Line.

We did that for UH at UT in the 70s