Women - just one man’s opinion

Don’t get the connection to Kapernick.

But he was attacked for his views, so many athletes and actors are attacked and criticized and told to stick to what they do, their views and opinions do not matter. Yet, that same view is not applied equally when its something they like.

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Hollywood is and has been progressive for much of it’s existence, so Actors that go against the grain when it comes to political views is pretty much career suicide unless you’re extremely well-tenured

Athletes, especially football, is much more conservative, however, Kaepernick decided to take a knee pre-George Floyd which is why he got so much backlash from conservative football fans. Once George Floyd/BLM started taking off, people were much more unlikely to voice their opinions on even if they didn’t like it

Regardless of the side you fall on, what Butker said was just dumb and shows his lack of awareness. Kid grew up very privileged, so when you grow up your entire life without ever dealing with any real social obstacles it’s easy to make these kinds of mistakes


100% sir.

Here is a womans take on the speech…

Don’t tell Harrison Butker working women helped him win three Super Bowls | NFL | The Guardian

“The archaic, moronic Chiefs kicker began his commencement address at Benedictine College in Kansas last weekend by stating that he’s been known to speak his mind. Then he proceeded to do just that by belittling any female graduates who might have a scintilla of ambition in the working world”

It would be easy to become another voice calling for Butker’s head. But he’s entitled to his backward looking opinions, which are shared by millions of Americans, and plenty of professional athletes.

“And, in a way, Butker’s comments are cause for celebration. His words were so asinine that they served as a reminder of the beauty that is progress. Specifically, the continued and intentional growth of women working in the NFL. Not just at the Chiefs. Not just in entry level roles. For all of the horrific behavior toward women the NFL has let slide – Butker is low on that totem pole of how some of the league’s players have treated women –”

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I think women are going to do whatever the hell they want to do. Opining on that borders on opining on the weather.


Said by a man who likely has had a long, successful, happy marriage and relationship with women.

then there is this, savage…lol


40+ year marriage, dudes if you think you are in control…welcome to the matrix. They control everything and you basically get what you want. It all works.



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Sadly i had friends reposting this like it was his real response. And these were people who should be able to recognize satire

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Bold choice to quote a man who did not believe in the equality and freedom of women in a discussion about the equality and freedom of women.



The nuns who run Benedictine have put out a statement…and when you lose the nuns…well.

Oh and Butker may be about to go through some things as they are digging into his past at GT.


So they weren’t a fan? I really just feel it was being the a-hole who proposes at someone else’s wedding. Like this was a speech designed to generate attention.


Yeah, a really bad best man toast.

He basically said of the nuns who run the school and have dedicated their lives to serving christ, as not coming close to the vocation of having kids or being a homemaker, and they fell for a lie.

But is what Johnny said correct?

If so, then he said being a homemaker was ONE OF a woman’s most important roles.

NOT necessarily their most important or only important role.

If asked, he might be cool with nuns and their vocation as well.

Most Catholics are.

Then he’s saying nuns aren’t fulfilling one their most important roles, right?


If I’m not mistaken, nuns aren’t allowed to have children right?

Isn’t one of the socially acceptable reasons for being a homemaker, to be a stay-at-home mom?

That being said, even with the financial privilege that one could even be a stay-at-home mom in todays climate, trust funds typically require employment to receive said payouts do they not?

It’s only ONE OF a woman’s most important roles, not their only one, according to him.

He would probably say that the role of a religious sister or cloistered nun is also a very important role; every bit as important.

I’m pretty sure he’d say so if asked.

Most Catholics would.