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I’ll use this thread to update with the latest commits.

Class of 2020 commits

G Tramon Mark - 6’4", Dickinson - Signed

G Jamal Shead - 6’2”, Manor - Signed

F Kiyron Powell - 6’9", Evansville, Indiana - Signed

2020 offers thread

2021 offers thread


#23 UH


Powell claims to be 6’10” now. He just made the Indiana all stars in April and they have him listed at 6’11”. The kid is really agile and runs well for being so tall. Here’s a good article about his improvements over the last few years:


Saw UH made it into the top 50 on 24/7!

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They still haven’t graded Michael Thomas but he’s the equivalent of a 4 star :star2:.

Would be coming in 2021.


And a JUCO guard considering us

I don’t see it on Baker. Probably Edwards or nothing for our guard rotation next year.

It might be lower competition, but Joshua Baker’s shooting 48% from three and 85% from free throw is some good offensive percentages. I don’t mind having Kelvin and Kellen molding him into something special.


He also played for Hutchinson a school that plays in toughest conference in Juco basketball. Jucos have been great for us in the past with Rob Gray & Corey Davis. I’ll trust coach over any of our keyboard coaches lol.


Stop. I’m still on call with Coach whenever he decides he needs some advice. Lol

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There’s nothing low level about junior college basketball competition. The main reason players go JUCO is grades, not lack of talent. They can ball.
And as MrBeast alluded to, Josh Baker put up impressive numbers in the top conference in junior college.
I highly recommend going to the national junior college basketball tournament in Hutchinson, Kan. You will be blown away by the competition and atmosphere. And believe it or not there are sites to see in Hutch.


I wish San Jac had not shut down basketball so you could make a shorter trip to watch them up close. Went to a couple of Hutchinson tournaments back in the 80s when San Jac was on their run with Ronnie Arrow.

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UT has already offered.

Going pro

is there a difference


Yes. The pros pay less.

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